Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fly Me To The Moon...

Today keeps getting better and better.
And better.
And better.
And better.

I went to Panera with the grande-parentals, and ate one of those breadbowls filled with soup. It was yummy. Way yummy.

I then proceeded to the new Petsmart, where I found out Jaques and Caitlin both work. Small world, no doubt! So I talked to Caitlin and it turns out that the hours there are PERFECT so I might be able to start work during school instead of waiting till the summer. YAY.

Then, a miracle happened...

I DROVE TODAY! Yes, that's right. I, Erin Hall, Princess of Born-Under-A-Rock-Ville, drove a car. In a cemetery. For almost an hour. It was amazing. I didn't run over any tombstones, or even get close. I did it! I did it! *dances with joy*

THEN pretty much the coolest thing ever happened, I came home and was talking on the phone with my mom and almost hung up on her because I saw that Giacomo had IM'd me while I was gone. Fabbyfabfabulous and a half! I thought he was an incredibly cool guy and all, but I never thought we'd actually ever talk again.

THEN I found out that we'll get to see each other again this February (along with many other cool Italiano and American peeps) in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it'll be uber expensive to do so, but such is life!

THEN I ran out of things to be excited about. So I ate a Twizzler. That is all.


At January 30, 2006 4:53 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Petsmart sounds like a sweet job if you can get used to the smell. Hey why're you goin to Pennsylvania Feb? Anywho hope ya get the job, peace.


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