Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sometime In October

The room of holy angels
has been traded for a wall
and the voices checked by distance
seem no longer down the hall
A bottle filled with green tea
watches from some feet away
it just adds to piercing silence
with the words it doesn't say

So tell me, do you listen?
My voice falters at the end
The error echoes violently
but you remain a friend
So tell me, do you see me?
I am so far from pristine
My perspective's odd and troubled
like the cracks I fall between

So I will fall
not into the dark
on my own
I will shatter
if only You'll break me
I will cry tears of my tomorrow
and I will fall if only
You'll take me

Driving seems a lovely route
but four walls hold me fast
so I lap the miles in my mind
till too much time is past
trees that line my ponderings
are turning brilliant red
but colors aren't useful
for I'm blind when in my head

So tell me, can you feel it?
You're the road beneath my fear
Each false step is cold and balanced
each lost moment is a year
So tell me, will you find me?
I'm no longer on your way
I won't burn the bridge I'm crossing
but I surely cannot stay

So I will fall
not into the dark
on my own
I will shatter
if only You'll break me
I will cry tears of my tomorrow
and I will fall if only
You'll take me

So please, do you remember?
Details vaguely reappear
It was sometime in October
It was somewhere close to here...

Wow, soooo many different aspects of life crammed into one little song. Odd, eh? I assure you though, it sounds depressing but it isn't meant to be! (Note who is being spoken to and the variations in capitalization of the word 'you.' Might help a bit.) Feedback, critique, and/or analyzation always welcome.


At October 31, 2005 4:05 PM, Blogger Andy said...

I take it you’re referring to your conversion last year, and if I’m not, mistaken you want to feel as you did back then. I really enjoyed the end of the 4th stanza, knowing the scenery is awesome but being unable to see it (is that how you meant it) anyway that would be a living hell for me as the scenery is my favorite part of the trip. Par usual I have no idea what it would sound like so you should add that to your list of songs you & Issac play at Carmel.

At October 31, 2005 4:13 PM, Blogger Erin said...

well if Isaac and I play the Currently Unnamed Song (oye!) it will be rather sketchy, but sure.

And I haven't really gotten all the music down for this one, nor the accompaniment. *shrugs* I could sing it for you though!

And no haha, it wasn't intentionally referring to my conversion. But it's interesting that the dates overlap, quite interesting indeed. I think it may have to do with the fact that every October/November around Halloween time, the Lord lets me be broken and feeble. Not necessarily sorrowful, though that sometimes accompanies it, but simple weak in Him. Wow, thanks for the idea. It's not what I was writing about, but it definitely makes me think...

I enjoy the simple yet intricately complex perspectives you always have on my work. It's extremely helpful to be able to look at it from such a different angle!


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