Monday, June 20, 2005

A Leather-Bound Past and a Silk-Covered Future

I started something new today
a blank white book to fill
I tried to find the perfect words
but wonder still
wonder still

Who will be there to read this
after many years pass by?
There must be someone waiting who
will laugh and cry
laugh and cry

The notebooks run with stories are
not filled with wonderous tales
they simply show my mind and heart
so strong but frail
strong but frail

for I offer not much wisdom
nor the eloquence of sages
yet still I wish that you would dare
to turn the pages
turn the pages

I started something new today
a blank white book to fill
I tried to find the perfect words
and now I know I will...
Dedicated first and foremost to my Lord, for His abundant mercy and overflowing grace.
Dedicated also to my future husband, whomever and wherever he may be.

I can already tell that this is going to be a wonderful week. Tomorrow I'm going to start reading like mad because I'm sick of all the books looming over my head, making my brain ask little questions like 'what comes next?' and driving me to the point of insanity. More time with C.S. Lewis will be good for me! I also plan on finishing all the half-baked songs scribbled on pages in my last notebook, which has obviously come to a close. That was a good notebook: compact, unique. Very me. However, it was also short. Only lasted a month and a half. Oh well, life must go on, and apparently mine moves quickly.

Youth Masses are wonderful, by the way. I love Catholicism. Just thought I'd let y'all know.
God bless and Ciao!


At June 20, 2005 9:50 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Cool poem. You should consider turning it into a song. The echo effect would make it sound cool. It's theme sounds similar to the lyrics you posted about a month back.

At June 20, 2005 9:51 PM, Blogger Erin said...

That was the end, this is the beginning.


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