Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tickled By A Fearsome Truth

Hahaha, oh, this is funny. Everyone wonders how Erin can have such a horrid self-image hidden behind such a confident personality. And all the minds are left boggled at such a paradoxical problem. And since I've known myself for pretty much my whole life (a few years here and there are debatable, but I deter), I decided I should be the first to understand. And I didn't until today. Oh, what a silly little game it is that we play. How fickle, how finite. How frail I am to let the poison of another's words sedate and captivate me in my own fears. I know that these are not of me, they are of Satan himself, yet why do they sting me so?
Anyway, I got a birthday present today, and I am deeply and madly in love with it. Well, maybe not that far, but I'm very happy. I have successfully transmogrified a lovely travel journal into the single coolest notebook I've ever owned. And I realized that I can write without lined pages. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, I feel very silly for being upset earlier. Haha have a great night guys, I know this post made mine a whole lot better! Love and prayers!



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