Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just For Fun

01. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
02. I will then tell what song/movie/icon reminds me of you.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be...
04. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
05. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
06. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
08. Put this in your journal


At May 15, 2005 1:21 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Andy (Skippy) Helms

At May 15, 2005 1:30 PM, Blogger Erin said...

1. I like your sense of humor, and your utter laziness in Computer Class. ;)
2. hmmm... some kind of Europop. Don't know why.
3. 8am.
4. Unconventional.
5. Should I say it? Hmmm... yeah, definitely beating you in Magic. Or perhaps falling off your car. Or perhaps on the bus on the way home from Faithfest. I can't decide.
6. A dog. A Golden Retriever.
7. What do you find so cool about engineering? My uncle went to Purdue for engineering, but I never understood what was so intruiging about it...


At May 15, 2005 1:36 PM, Blogger Phydeauxs99 said...

Michael Duttlinger

At May 15, 2005 1:42 PM, Blogger Erin said...

1. I love the fact that you're always thinking and always questioning.
2. Requiem For A Dream, even though I've never seen it.
3. 1am.
4. Perceptive.
5. When you abducted me from the library and we went to Steak'n'shake and talked religion... did you ever talk to Fr. Dan about that organ donation/stem cell research thing?
6. Definitely an owl.
7. I've always wondered what it's like to be you... I think it would be interesting to see your mind at work...

At May 16, 2005 4:36 PM, Blogger irishbabe said...

Sarah Heller

At May 16, 2005 11:51 PM, Blogger Erin said...

1. I love your personality in general, you're very bubbly, quirky, and bright!
2. You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban (I think we both know why) or I'm So Excited
3. 4pm
4. effervescent!
5. Oh goodness, which shall I choose? So many memories of show choir, Spec, Adam... You pick!
6. Siamese Cat
7. I've definitely always wondered how the heck you can resist the sweets. I know if I were diabetic I'd be screwed within 24 hours. :)

At May 17, 2005 4:51 PM, Blogger irishbabe said...

ok, first of all, i dont know what effervescent means. second, it is very hard to lay off the sweets, most of the time, i dont do a very good job staying away from them. even though it is kinda bad for me. but hey life is too short.

At May 17, 2005 5:00 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Michael Miller

At May 17, 2005 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allan Jay Villanueva

At May 17, 2005 5:51 PM, Blogger Erin said...

1. Your numerous idiosyncrasies
2. Hmmm... anything by Styx
3. 2:30am
4. I can't name a single word, so I'll cheat and say two: colorfully offbeat.
5. well, I was going to say Prom, but actually the most memorable would probably be sitting in my driveway talking.
6. A squirrel, without a doubt.

At May 17, 2005 5:55 PM, Blogger Erin said...

And I'm pretty sure I don't know you, A.J., so I can't really say.

At May 19, 2005 5:09 PM, Anonymous Bridgett said...

Bridgett Braniff

At May 19, 2005 10:01 PM, Blogger Erin said...

1. Bobo! I love how you're always there if I need to talk and always willing to calm me down when I'm going off the wall. :)
2. CAMP!
3. 4pm
4. Steadfast
5. Going to 7-11 and Kroger at 4 in the morning, after watching Camp and Into the Woods and eating insane amounts of ice cream
6. A llama. Because llamas are cool.
7. How different is Mishawaka from Marian?

At May 21, 2005 9:34 PM, Blogger Tanner said...


At May 21, 2005 9:41 PM, Blogger Tanner said...

I made one for you
1. your positive, spacy attentiveness
2. the miniture princess ant from a Bugs Life that is always trying to help and fly
3. 8am
4. colorful
6. kangaroo


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