Monday, December 06, 2004

What Child is this, who laid to rest, in Mary's lap is sleeping?

The one thing that has always made me wander along these lines of thought is the perplexity of our satisfaction. With each passing year, we receive gifts, unwrap the bundles of joy in a chaotic storm of shrieking and colored paper, and what is our result? Several more frivolous items to add to our list of mortal extremities. And how long are we satisfied with these? Until we're done ripping the paper to shreds? Until we get bored? Until the object breaks and is no longer deemed 'useful'? How ridiculous of a concept! Why would someone who supposedly loves me give me such a fallible symbol of their feelings for me? Because that is what the feelings are, fallible. But look at the Love God has for His children. His Love surpasses that of any other father or mother on this earth! He wants the best of the best for us, and thus gives us the very Gift of Himself at Christmas! This is the present that knows no error.

  • We are busy and bustling in this rushed world:
    there is no chaotic paper to rip in a hurried frenzy, only the calmness of knowing Christ is present.
  • We are commercialzed and absorbed in the face value of the world:
    He enters in a manger, humbly showing us that the greatest face is that of Love.
  • And finally, we are torn, broken in this world of unfulfilled satisfaction:
    He comes in a glorious Light, a revelation to all people, to heal all hearts and mend all brokenness, A Savior made human so that we might be made divine.


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