Sunday, November 21, 2004


It troubles me lately to see my brothers and sisters relating to each other. It seems that the devil is in hot pursuit of us, and we aren't doing a wonderful job of guarding each other's hearts. Lord Jesus, help us turn to You relentlessly, and keep us from falling into the temptation of our mortal hearts. For we long to be consoled in sadness, we long to be loved by another. But our views of love are distorted, Jesus. We are locked in a worldly, disillusioned view of love. But You call us to love as children! When a child is yet within juvenility, whom do they love above everything, turn to when troubled, and run to when in need of something? Their parents! So should we turn to You, our eternally caring Father. Help us to run to You, rather than others, when we feel the need to be solaced in our disconsolation. Give us the grace to see Love beyond that of physical barriers, and keep us from the temptations of Satan. For he knows the weaknesses of our human hearts, and seeks to goad us from Your way through these weaknesses. It only takes a moment to give everything away, Lord. But through Your holy Name we can keep all of it and more. Your majestic glory will shine through the darkness, if only we allow it to! Thus, grant us peace in our human relationships, and strength in our relationship with You.



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Great Blog!

Blessed be God!


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