Saturday, September 11, 2004

200 words on true love.

Up till now I've imagined true love as all the fairy tale stuff. Perfect romance, passion, and sensuality. And while those ideals still lie in my head, I'm coming to realize what 'true love' --if such a thing even exists-- really means. It’s quite obviously when someone you'd never expect makes you feel like you have the worth of gold. Even if they feel like secluding themselves from everyone, they still want to talk to you. You don't have to attempt to look attractive or act socially exquisite, they already make you feel like you're something special. And it isn't necessarily love in the Eros sense of the word. Love is a portrayal of genuine care for another being. Wisdom follows in suit. It is with these two that we can freely dive heart-first into life. Life is just one long distraction on the path to the inevitable, which is why I don’t want to merely live. I want to live by love. Love shall be my breath, and I will gasp for it like a pagan for some saving grace. Let it completely consume me, and all of us. Enough of the naive presumptions, I mean daily mistakes. Amen.


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