Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Saturated Saturday

It is a thing to laugh at when I see
love's prospect drowning us in memory
each hour we pine, and recollect the days
of glimmering coves and hidden ivy ways

Our souls grow older, yet they dance around
and flickers between eyes sing without sound
Oh love! That steals all color and all hue
It gives them all a thousand times to you

Each room is dimmer now than was before
unless your essence luminates its core
A voice once eager now delights in calm
selecting words to fit dear Passion's psalm

So still we wander, backwards to them all
away from earth's reprised chameleon call
into the hallowed caverns, clear and chilled
of moments knowing moment's hope fulfilled


At May 29, 2008 8:57 AM, Blogger Nate Ring said...

I'm a junior, but it is my 5th year in college. I attended Purdue: State Wide Technology for 2 years and transferred.
Yeah, if your interested in photography I've got a pile of b&w stuff from H.C.C. photo.

What is your major?

At May 29, 2008 11:10 AM, Blogger Nate Ring said...

Yeah, the intro to photo, and I kinda started the photo club, along with the Psychology club.

What can needless to say i'm a bit overactive on campus--and quite the over achiever.

I don't have that many friends on campus due to the fact im a commuter, and spend very little time outside of class on campus. I tend to spend a bulk of my time working or in meetings with professors throughout the area.

Why are you not enrolled at HCC anymore?


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