Sunday, May 28, 2006

It won't be the first heart that you break, it won't be the last beautiful girl...

Such a good song, Matchbox Twenty rocks.

Wellllll, pictures will be coming... later. I'm too busy right now to put them up. Between finishing all my end-of-term projects and totally turning my social world upside-down by accident, I have absolutely no time for pictures. However, I have had time for other things... like reading the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

Yeah, Chartier and Tricker and I were talking about the Code last weekend and they convinced me to read it before seeing the movie. It was flipping amazing. I checked it out Sunday night from the library and read from 2am-6am, therefore not sleeping a single minute. But it was completely worth it. Mr. Brown is a very talented writer and the Da Vinci Code is by far my single favorite book in the world. Angels and Demons was excellent as well, but a little too modernized for my liking. The DaVinci Code was more historical even if it was a supposed attack on the Church. It's a brilliant novel.

I actually guessed almost every important part of the Code like a page before it happened, which was extremely entertaining. I also (accidentally) guessed the ending of the book because I forgot to read the epilogue and I was talking to Chartier about it and it turned out the ending was pretty much exactly like what I thought it would be. Awesome. So now I must see the movie! Yay!

I have realized that speaking is an art, and I usually utterly destroy this art by talking excessively and about extremely boring topics (both on my blog and in conversation). Note to self: be interesting or shut up. Good philosophy.

Hmmmm... what else? 1 more day of school + finals. Amen, alleluia.

Oh yeah, and I wrote something, for the first time in a good month I think.

I'm captivated and it's new
like nothing that I've seen before
the notes fade like the passing dew
yet we remain on ballroom floor

There's logic in our brilliant dance
strategic steps placed just in time
We cannot stop the flow of chance
nor crush the rhythm, meter, rhyme

O happy charm, O dazzled eyes
today the starcrossed folly dies


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