Sunday, November 20, 2005

Let's keep as much of how it was how it is...

In case y'all didn't realize, the last post was written entirely in movie quotes... which is why much of it isn't true. Yes, OF COURSE I dance when there's no music! I'm a shower singer and a sidewalk dancer, I can't help it! Anyway, I'll edit in a little philosophical rambling tomorrow afternoon, for now I am basking in the misery of being an utter disgrace to inspiration's call. Writer's block... the headcold of the soul.

...oh holy merde... I just downloaded a bunch of songs by The Wrens, and there's a song called Thirteen Grand. This is so odd. It's just.... odd.

Thirteen Grand

Talk about all that you kept bottled up inside
Makes you laugh
then it makes you cry
I said it all too late
Is this real at all
you're not so sure
It's easy now because you're safe
can't change your mind
Moving on is not fair when it leaves me on my own
I lived my life waiting for tomorrow
but I guess it's your turn now
We trade these lines to get us by
but what's it matter
You keep saying Jersey's not a home
I thought I had it all figured out
but look who got it wrong

Well, wow. Is there another me walking about this earth?

Another edit because I don't feel like updating: I have a bad feeling about this Thanksgiving Break. I feel a fit of blistering anger that only manifests itself every so often. I think I need some steak knives. And a wall. And some Kleenex. Yup.


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