Saturday, September 17, 2005

Open the driving utensil!

Okay, for Meryl's sake I have begun updating my LiveJournal again, which leaves me with way too many websites to keep track of: Blogger, Myspace, LiveJournal, Facebook, WeAdore, Phatmass, and Xanga. Insanity I tell you! In any case, I've been double-tagged on LJ for this thing, so I'll post it on here as well. Some of the answers may or may not make sense, you'd have to read them in context of my Livejournal to understand them. Oh well,enjoy!

From [info]poppit
Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

Start time: 6:26pm

1: I am in a very odd situation in which I have been in luff but I'm not sure if I should be or am in luff anymore. I am still very happy. (If you don't know the meaning of luff, talk to Meryl or myself.)
2: I am very passionate about my Roman Catholic faith, though I often feel very weak in it.
3. I've been told I have a way with words.
4. Music is poetry on steroids. I write both.
5. Know-it-alls drive me up the wall.
6. I am a huge know-it-all.
7. I'm extremely sheltered in some aspects and overexposed in others.
8. I'm a ridiculously insane hopeless (hopeful?) romantic. It will probably be the death of me.
9. I want to live in Rome when I get older. I also want to visit England, Alaska, and Ireland.
10. My mom is bipolar schizophrenic with borderline personality/identity disorder. She's amazingly cool.
11. Rain, Celtic music, and pleasant surprises make me extremely happy!
12. I am synesthetic (yes, that's a real word), which means I taste colors and hear shapes.
13. I'm scared to death of being left by those I care for.
14. I'm an elitist, which is why I will never go back to living with my mother.
15. I've been told that I think with my head. I've always wondered what else I could possibly think with...
16. Photography, piano, and chivalry are some of the best things on earth.
17. I adore green tea, hate chai.
18. I used to think I was extremely friendly, and had a ton of friends. Then I met Meryl. =)
19. I love pro-life work, and the unborn!
20. I don't like dismal colors. Chartreuse green, neon blue and yellow are a few of my favorites.

End time: 6:40pm

Okay, there's no way in heck I'm tagging 14 people...



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