Friday, July 15, 2005

Welcome to Our Daily Program of Taco Music

Okay, I suppose I have to delay the golf post a bit because in order to write it I need a clear and useful mind, and that is something I'm definitely lacking at the moment. I'm in an extremely random mood and the only reasons I can find for this are the unusual weather and possibly the chocolate chip cookies I just ate. Regardless, at the present time all thoughts and words spewing forth from this odd brain of mind are those of complete and utter randomness and non-sequitur-ization. Thus, this post will likely consist of a large amount of mindless rubbish that bears no pertinence to any matter worth reading. Oh well.

It's been raining a lot lately, in case anyone hasn't noticed. This is obviously a good thing because our lawn was beginning to look similar to the dead land in the Lion King. Ya know, when Simba is standing on the cliff looking out and it's like the 'oh crap' moment of the movie because everything is dry and disgusting. Yeah, it looks a bit like that. Anyway, I really love rain. Yesterday or the day before, I can't remember, there was this monsterous deluge for about a half an hour, and I in my ludicrous-osity decided that rain is really awesome, so I went and walked around outside for a bit. My clothes were soaked but it was surprisingly warm, thank goodness. I think I should do things like that more often, they are really quite fun. I think maybe it has to do with the gift of joy that I've talked about before, but sometimes all it takes is something new or different or odd to brighten my day. Playing in the rain is definitely one of them. Sure, my hair gets all curly and my feet get a little dirty, but that's a price I'm willing to pay!

Hmmm... what else to blog about, what else to blog about...

Pizza. I think I'm going to go order one. Adieu!

Wait- you know what else? I want a pseudonym. I read tons of blogs in the large portion of my day that I spend online, and so many people have cool names that they end their posts with. I used to have a bunch, but they don't really fit anymore. Not only do pseudonyms sound creative, but they're also a good way to end a post without leaving the reader with that choppied-off feeling. Posts without decent endings are like mutilated fairy tales told by bitter old ladies who say 'andtheylivedhappilyeveraftertheend' as though rabid mongooses (mongeese? Oy that's bothersome) were breaking the door down.

You know, that's the difference between me and other writers. So many other people do their best writing when they're feeling random, hyper, or bouncy. But my randomly-inspired writings are, well, just that. Random. Oh well.

See that? I keep trying to end this post and I can't think of a decent thing to say to conclude it.

I'm going to live in England. And I shall never return. That is all. Apologies for the choppy-offness. I'm going to order pizza now.


At July 20, 2005 1:56 AM, Blogger Mike said...

You have no idea what rain is. Ketchikan Alaska gets over 13 ft a year! 13 glorious feet! Only about 50 days in the year are sunny.

Oh, and your pseudonym is going to be eh. As in "this has been eh, and that's all I am gonna say."

leahciM (my groovy pseudonym)


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