Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How I Learned To Love The Bomb

Ladies, gentlemen, and cannon fodder. I have finally been released from the pits of hell (formerly 'the Cove') until the beginning of next week, and after a 10-hour-long double-header workday with extra innings, I don't know if I shall ever return. I am very, very sore. A massage and a smoothie sound really wonderful right now, though I thoroughly doubt I will be getting either at any point in the near future.

In any case, a post of some substantial value. Maybe. I'll keep it short though.

I've been thinking about time and fate and all that lovely stuff a lot lately, and I started pondering whether or not there are such things as mistakes. If you think about it, every action we make guides us down one of a million paths, leading to one of a million outcomes. If we were to make any given decision differently, it could change everything. We make our own decisions and choose our own paths, but each one is woven throughout time and space perfectly, brillinantly. This fact, along with my firm belief in God's plan, has led me to the conclusion that there truly are no mistakes, no coincidences. Am I alone in this mindset? Comment and let me know, I'm quite interested!

Oh yeah, a preview to my next couple posts:
-A cool religious analogy (not really, but I like it) involving golf
-A cool religious analogy (really, it's brilliant) involving a mosaic and a story
-A cool religious post about innocence
-A cool religious post about satisfaction

The previous list is subject to change at any time, and will likely be interrupted by several random, boring, nonsense posts. Enjoy! Oh and yes, I changed the layout again. Sorry!

Hey, that sky looks like ground...


At July 20, 2005 2:07 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Ok, first off, ten bucks says I can come up with a cooler golf analogy than you. Secondly, I've been reading some groovy Lewis lately (and some Aquinas) and their no-nonsense, just listen to your senses view on life has given me a new perspective on free-will, which has something to do with what you are talking about.

Oh, and I dunno about the whole no-mistakes thing. Firstly, following that mentality leads to a sort of Calvanism, where nothing really matters cuz your not making any mistakes. And if you aren't making any mistakes, that means that you aren't doing anything but what God desires you to do, which means he has already planned what you are to do, and is making you do it. And that, my friend, is predestination (something I think you may not like falling into).

No coincidences, on the other hand, is probably right to a certain point. I think a lot of things have a neutral moral and destinyness bearing. However, things like this vacation (which couldn't have happened at a better time), happen at certain times, and if you are willing to follow the path set before you, you will find that you've truly done the right thing. Unfortunately, this too can lead to predestination. If everything is coincidental and happens for a reason, then it all is part of a plan that is far less open-ended than the concept of free-will would lead it to be.

I'm tired....


At July 20, 2005 11:28 AM, Blogger Erin said...

Oy, I knew you'd bring up Calvinism! I think one can believe that there are no mistakes without falling into the trap of predestination, especially since while there are mistakes in the short-term temporal sense, in the long run I suppose all I'm saying is that God works through all things. He doesn't make mistakes.

At July 20, 2005 6:47 PM, Blogger Mike said...

People do make mistakes that have a serious long-term, not quite so temporal effect. If they didn't, there would be no, could be no, hell.

I believe that God has a plan, but that plan is more or less where he pushes us. Think of us like paper airplanes, and God as the perfect airplane maker. He even gave us our own apparatus for steering! This, our free will, combines with the wind, which is all of those things that shape our journey, such as the people we meet and the places we see (and I believe God sets up the fans), gives us the ability to fly to the runway he has provided at the end, or into the fiery wastebasket of hell.


At July 21, 2005 12:52 AM, Blogger Erin said...

Goodness reading your stuff is depressing, lol you remind me of Aaron. Haha nevermind, I talked with my grandpa about it and he understands, I guess it's just hard for me to explain. Adieu.


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