Saturday, July 02, 2005

Enjoying the Flippy-Outy-ness that is My Daily Thought Process

So what's with the air of irritated silence that has taken over the world? Y'all (what's wrong with that word?) need to snap out of it! Be happy, life is great!

Today is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing day. Praise God. It's like a real summer day. A day that would be great for swimming, playing Magic, and listening to Bryan Reagan shout 'Moosen!' and other such nonsense. It's a great day to listen to music that you haven't heard since seventh grade, take a walk with a friend, tell someone you love them, and drink cherry Kool-Aid. A time to reminisce about past summers, recalling all the things you used to do that simply can't be done anymore.

Ah, nostalgia. Don't you just love it?

A little ditty from work last night:

Your shirt read 'got Jesus?' and I laughed out loud
I didn't realize that your stare meant
you wanted something other than food
Maybe the sounds of
misinterpreted malfunction
and uncorrelated thoughts
drowned out my common sense

Yeah, I don't usually write like that anymore. Enjoy that random spasm of insanity.


At July 02, 2005 3:42 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Wow, what a socially inept penguin.



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