Saturday, June 18, 2005

She Recognized the Error and Was Still Able to Win

I have realized through the passing of time and thought that I have simply not done enough for my Lord and my God as of late. My miniscule mission to serve everyone at all times, to become as Christ for others in the smallest of situations, to illuminate the darkness of the modern world with God's love, happiness, and light, this objective has somewhat interrupted my spiritual balance. I find myself far more eager to serve people than to sit down and read Scripture, more willing to lend my time and money to friends than my time and my heart to the Lord in prayer. Foolish as it is to allow human love to compete with that which is Divine, I have stumbled in the path of faith that has been layed before me. I have not fallen, but the direction in which I walk may someday turn into not God's path, but my own. My sweet Jesus, grant me the wisdom to know your will, the courage to speak your Word, and the grace to live them both.

Can you hear the sounds of laughter
From the other side of life?
There are days when I feel like a stranger sometimes.
Tell me, are there any other fools like me?

I surrender all
To the promises You made.
And I will give it all
To the Maker of the day.
This reliance on another world
Has a great affect on this world.
This conscience of another world
Has a great affect on
Grace recollection.

He doesn't love us 'cause of who we are.
He only loves us 'cause of who He is.

-Newsboys, 'I Surrender All'


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