Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cherish the Silence, I'll Be Back Soon!

Okay, so I finally figured out how I can read comments! Yay! Now everyone needs to comment on this post so I don't feel so isolated! Nat, Duttlinger, Monsieur Valencourt, comment, pronto!! :) Just kidding, you don't have to if you don't want to, but it would be nice.

China is amazing, today I'm going to have more clothes made, go see the Shanghai Museum, the Art Gallery, the Amusement Gallery, the Chinese Space Needle (the Pearl Tower), and some other places. I'm going to go on the underground travel-y capsule thingymabob and then buy a million more DVDs since they're only a dollar each and probably some Magic cards. Tomorrow I'll do more stuff like that, and Sunday I'm getting like a complete makeover. I think my aunt is tired of me not wearing makeup and getting all primped every morning, so I'm getting a manicure and facial and full body massage and haircut from this guy named Lou. I don't know, the idea of some strange guy rubbing hot oil all over me is kind of... odd. Don't you think?
Monday my aunt and I are going to Beijing, where I'll see the Great Wall (without the cats!) and the Forbidden City and this neat Garden-y thing and stuff like that. We'll be home Wednesday to pick up the clothes I had made and get all packed. Then I'll leave. I guess when I put it that way it doesn't seem as bad. I'll be home so soon, I need to savor this time. Haha, can you guys tell that the homesickness is completely gone now? Yeah.

So, you guys have obviously missed a lot, but I feel like I'm missing more!

Michael, I miss our awesome conversations and bouts of silliness.
Skippy, I miss your ability to be totally random and talk about the oddest of things, like Operation TT. I also miss your Playstation2.
Alex, I miss your calm but kind doses of reality, and being tickled, and pillow fights. I also miss your voice singing that one song that's never in my key.
Nat, I've known you for a few days, but I feel like we've been friends forever. I miss your awesome music selection, your love of music, and the way you know how to simply have fun. And your hair. Oh, and of course, I miss flirting! hahaha.
Duttlinger, I miss our 2am conversations and talk about life, love, and religion.
Meryl, I know you're at the lake right now, but I miss your shoes. Oh yeah, and they way you bring out my silly, random side and make me feel like it's okay to act like a little kid every so often.
Heather, I miss our 'girl talk,' as cheesy at it sounds.
Sarah, you know what I miss about you, honestly? I miss Show Choir. I know that was a loooong time ago, but I remember when we'd talk nonstop about Adam and life and silly random things and Karen's Nazi choreography, and that was incredibly fun. And I also miss your bright attitude.

I don't remember who else reads this, so je suis desolee if I left anyone out!

Anyway, comment y'all, I'm dying to hear from you. And Nat, is there any way you can make me a copy of that CD with the bazillion and one songs on it? That would be a super welcome back present!!

Love you guys,


At June 10, 2005 8:37 PM, Blogger Nathaniel said...

Haha, thanks for the comment. It made me laugh out loud. It's nice when someone lets you know that they appreciate you.

And yeah, I can get you a copy of that CD when you return to the U.S. of A. I actually have been working on more since I have like 3500 songs to go through (and weed out the good ones) but this takes time.


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