Friday, April 08, 2005

Supposed Confessions of a Second-Rate Sensitive Mind

Everyone who sees this should go read the poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Now. Thank you!

Spring Break is has been great so far, at least I'd say so. I've spent the majority of it reading, writing, and running, so I'm happy. Wednesday served to be extremely amusing, as Skippy, Alex, and I had a movie marathon. Holy Grail, Forgotten, Life of Brian, and Flight of the Phoenix... not too bad of a combination. Well, save for the fact that Alex is insane and enjoys tormenting me about aliens and dead bodies and jumping just to make me scream. :)

Anyway, for some bizarre reason, yesterday was a very bad day. Granted, for me those come around like once every three months, I was rather confused. I went a bit mad and could actually list the things I found wrong with my personality, and even the slightest sarcastic comment left me jealous, hurt, and upset. It was a very peculiar day, especially since I ended up divulging all of this and much more to a friend who, honestly, I don't know very well. But it's me, so I'm not very surprised. And he was, needless to say, extremely helpful in making me see the lunacy of my ways. I do count myself as blessed, however. I know some people who are constantly in a bad mood, thus making themselves no fun to be around. At least for me it only lasts a few hours!

In any case, I don't have to work today (yay!) and I want to do something. Of course, as luck would have it, everyone is out of town, and the people who aren't out of town are busy. Joy. Anyway, have an amazingly great rest-of-break, everyone!

P.S.- I think Michael and the Monk Squad return tonight. Yay.
P.S.S.- I want to learn Magic.
P.S.S.S.- Check out our awesome list of good movie rules at Andy's Blog!


At April 08, 2005 3:47 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Well I read the poem "Supposed Confessions of a Second-Rate Sensitive Mind" and it really confused me (I think the poem was longer than my attention span). In any case, I think the only good parts of that poem were the beginning and the end. Oh, and I believe its P.S.S. not P.P.S. but I really don’t know what it stands for to begin with so I could be wrong.

At April 08, 2005 5:06 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Yeah, it is. It was a bout of insanity on my part. I'll fix it. And I think it's French.

I didn't really like the poem, it was rather morbid. I just liked the title.


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