Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I've Got the World on a String...

Well, it's been a wonderful week thus far, following a very wonderful weekend. But I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now. One aspect of my life is just so heavy on my heart that I fear I may just run away. Heck, tonight, I felt like it. It's so hard to know that there's really nothing I can do. It's even more dificult to realize that I can't even bring the situation to my best friend, but rather, I must give it up to God. Away, Satan! Get thee behind me!

Here where passing moments mark
the battles won and lost
Here where whispering winds announce
a creature tempest-tossed
This is where I find myself
burdened by my fright
This is where the light escapes
in solitary night
Infused with strands of jealousy
and anger's mortal stare
I crash against the waves and beg
begin to cry in prayer
No more will shades of blue
resound within the simple dawn
I fear these silent notes will rise
Yes, they will linger on


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