Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And his eyes are so dreamy!

Hahaha well I loooove my friends! Today was super super super fun!

School was bearable, a welcome change amidst this week that seems to move as slow as honey (though, like honey, slow weeks should be cherished and are often considered sweet!) I had fun in most of my classes, and lunch was awesome. I went to the Chapel half-way through, though, because everyone started talking about Prom. Yes, I am the only person at the table of 20 or so people who isn't a junior or a senior. What a pity.

After school, we went to pray the Rosary at the Women's Care Center, and then went to Cafe Amalia, where everyone proceeded to tease me about mooching, which I do NOT do! I ate some yummy Strawberry Torte Cake, courtesy of Michael (who then complained about me not giving him any), and a bit of whipping cream and a cherry. Yay! I saw Meryl, whom I am madly in love with, and we were hyper, as per usual.

Following that, we all went to pray a Rosary for the upcoming Antioch retreat (April 30th, 31st, May 1st- ask me about it!) and then went to Mass. I started reading this really sweet book called the Five People You Meet in Heaven or something (I almost finished it, but I left it on the window sill in Lou's office. Maybe Sr. Marie can get it for me tomorrow morning.) and it's really cool! Then Aaron, Nate, Michael, Blair, Eric, Tuskey, and I went to Blair Hills to play basketball. Well, rather, they played basketball and I read in Aaron's car. Aaron and I got to talk a bit in the ride over, which I really needed, in light of recent events.

Following the basketball game (which probably gave half the guys pneumonia from playing in t-shirts), we went to Agape, which was awesome. One the way there, I mentioned to Aaron that I was hungry and he said he was going to go home and eat, so he wouldn't be going to Agape. But he went home and made me a PB&J and brought it to me! It was really sweet of him. It was the good peanut butter, too! :)

Well, Agape went normally, and afterward we all decided that school is a vast void in the lives of all humans, so Alycia, Eric and I went to Jag's house to hang out. We were insanely hyper.... haha we watched random T.V. shows and talked about how I was never going to get married. Long story.

Oh man, I love ambushes.


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