Sunday, December 12, 2004

The time between moments

Well, trying to remember everything that's happened between then and now is a fruitless effort. Yet alas, I shall attempt anyway. I'm kind of tired, so I'll probably start now and finish in the morning.

Friday, I went to lunch with a million and one people, to some ghetto mexican restaurant in... um... the ghetto. Somewhere. For Ensing's birthday. Their fries were delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, though within the first 15 minutes of my arrival I had already spilled my water and some salsa. What a mess. I was glad to see everyone from the retreat (and some others) all in one place again.

Following that, we hightailed it over to Blair's house, where we proceeded to play Halo2 for a cummulative of about 8 hours. LadyGuinevere will regin supreme as soon as she gets her Xbox/halo2 for Christmas, so she can brush up on her complete-and-total-annihilation skills. Hehe.

Oh man though, one thing that really bugged me was all the girls in the basement. A couple of them acted like they loved the game and wanted to play, and then complained that they didn't know how to use anything and/or that they didn't get it and/or that they were being killed. Oy. It really was irritating because several of them were girls I've just talked with about it recently, who have said things to the extent of, 'oh, you're really lucky. You get to play with all the guys, and they totally love you. I wish I could do that.' (My response? I was raised that way. And they don't love me.) Ugh. I wanted to say, 'okay, If you know what you're doing and want to play the game, fine. But if you're only there to flirt with guys or complain about something, go back upstairs!' Of course, my semi-intelligent side won the rest of me, and I remained silently annoyed until they all finally decided to leave. Amen.

Hmmm... today was interesting. I woke up uber late, like 10:30, and went to Ben's and then mass. Then we all went to a 'random house' (aka Ben's aunt's house) to ask for dinner, where we were received surprisingly amicably. Following this, we made our way over to adoration (we were almost late, needless to say I was going nuts.) which, as expected, was amazing. I've really been struggling with matters of the heart lately, and so as a precursor to the Christmas season, I've given everything to Jesus. I'm very glad, because I know sometimes I have the strangest emotions towards the most random people. Sounds odd, I know. It is indeed.

After adoration, I got to talk to Mike (who's seemed to be irritated with me lately, but perhaps he's just not been in the best of spirits) and meryl (whose hat I still have in my clutches. Muaha.), so I'm definitely happy about that. And we went to see one of the single most hysterical movies in the history of the cinematic world: Napoleon Dynamite. Oh yes, I caught you a delicious bass. And, if anyone would like to marry me, I totally want a wild honeymoon stallion. I'll probably be getting that on DVD for Christmas, so if anyone wants to borrow it/come over and watch it, you're welcome to! Finally, Aaron decided everyone who hadn't seen the Gingerbread house was in great peril, so we went over to check it out for like the 4 bazillionth time. It was around 12 or 12:15, and we were so totally blessed that the lights were still on!

And in denouement (I'm sure), I heard the Little Drummer Boy being slapped on the radio... again. That just made my day.


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