Monday, December 06, 2004

Flying masticated hot dog fragments

Why do I keep making the misguided assumption that people actually read this blog? Oh yes, personal insecurity, how could I forget? Hahaha right. Well, I think I'm abandoning the old weblog, though I had a pretty spiffy layout. It's just getting to one of those blah points, where I just don't like it anymore! It has entered the oblivion of obscurity. All thoughts shall proceed to shall all go on here now. So for the sake of actually sounding human for a change, a list of things I'm absolutely in love with right now!

Ta da.
Just had to use those quotation marks. And now, without further hesitation, in no particular order, a Tink production..... oh, what the heck. Just read the flipping list:

Things I love like a kittie loves marshmallows:
    1. philosophical thoughts
    2. Prayer
    3. Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe ImageReady
    4. JESUS! *smiles really big*
    5. Claire Higginbotham
    6. lunch at the Antioch table, of course we might not be allowed in public anymore. We shall be quarantined.
    7. Christmas music, even though many people are not really in the Christmas spirit, I constantly feel like I'm waiting for Christmas, definitely the most beautiful time of year. Both the tangible and abstract beauty is phenomenal!
    8. Manheim Steamroller- Christmas Extraordinaire
    9. Papal encyclicals
    10. Father Dan
    11. apologetics
    12. Chinese Checkers on I beat the computer! Yay!
    13. The warmth of winter sunlight as it casts beams of glory upon fresh white snow
    14. The rubber bands that the orthodontist so lovingly placed between my teeth (Do you detect a hint of sarcasm?)
    15. Stars
    16. Pachelbel's Canon in D, which I just learned how to play on piano
    17. French (I probably love it a little too much)
    18. singing the blues
    19. beating up Marcus
    20. StarWars Battlefront!
    21. Medal of Honor!
    22. Halo2!
    23. my Chinese friends ;-)
    24. books
    25. guitar
    26. Green Tea
    27. fairy tales
    28. Tae Kwon Do (I wish I wouldn't have quit)
    29. poetry
    30. Pretty words
    31. Rubber duckies
    32. Hacienda (oh wait, aren't we outlawed?)
    33. Battle of the Sexes- Antioch version
      (Celestial Juliet: they're always busy doing stuff
      maakadocious: yeah, like making laxative cupcakes)
    34. Paintball guns
    35. student videos
    36. Aaron's driving
    37. Keszei's driving
    38. People talking about Claire's driving
    39. Drawing I, and my lovely little piece. Not.
    40. Holy Spirit stories!!! If anybody has a cool experience with the Holy Spirit they'd like to share, please tell me! I love them!
    41. parodies
    42. quoting movies
    43. the possessed Elmo doll
    44. Texas Hold'em (dang it guys, I want my money! We need to finish that stupid game!)
    45. modern art
    46. taking walks..... oh, I love walking outside! Call me some time, let's walk!
    47. Led Zeppelin, Styx, the Beejees, and 97.7 --thank God for Aaron and my mother who went about introducing such inanely fabulous artists to me.
    48. Getting notes from people! Unfortunately, no one writes me notes (boo hoo). If you read this, and you go to my school, write me a note :-)
    49. Making people smile! I cannot describe how much joy it brings me! Smile at me- even if you're only pretending, you've made my life a whole lot happier

And now for some things I currently hate more than anything in the world:

  1. Flying masticated hot dog fragments
  2. Canadian Nazis

That is all. Thank you for your time!


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